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A Best Practice Guide to WordPress Plugin Development
We're gearing up for this year's WordCamp 2013, and in anticipation of the event, we'll share a few cool (and helpful!) things about WordPress that make our keyboards glow with glee. There are so many ways to tackle developing a new WordPress plugin that it's easy to lose your way, especially when it doesn't work as expected. So to shine a little light on it, we've put together a short guide to the best practices that can help make your plugins more effective all around. Continue Reading
13 Trends: The Future of Web Design in 2013

The new year means new predictions for the web. We've been watching the latest industry trends--taking part in more than a few of them--and seeing where the industry is going. And the overarching theme we're seeing for 2013? Better user experience.

Here are the most prominent and relevant trends we see to be making an impact during this year.

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SharePoint: How We Used It to Inspire Confidence

The next level of project confidence is all about good communication and the right tools.

For the Rogers Raising the Grade initiative by the Boys and Girls Clubs of Canada, a nationwide program focused on helping youth achieve more in school, good communication wasn’t just a necessity for good project management—it was vital to the success of the project. So when we were brought in to develop the tools needed, we knew that a communications-optimized SharePoint implementation would be the ideal solution.

Because of the nature of a national program headed by multiple teams in various locations, good communication would be founded on a straightforward organizational structure that would provide a clear flow for teams to work with one another. It would also be crucial to ensure the teams could easily access the information they would need most frequently and then work without any unnecessary distractions. Likewise, because SharePoint can be such a massive application, it needed to be developed in such a manner so that it wouldn’t become another time-consuming and complicated task in the midst of the project.

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