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 Author: elizabeth
It’s Geek to Me

I came to Radii with little background in the tech world and for the first few months it was not unlike living in a foreign country. That is to say, as an American from the Southwest, it was actually very much like living in a foreign country. As I walked in and took a first look around, programming chatter and talk of apps and servers swirled nauseatingly about me with no regard nor mercy for my cluelessness. Of course, the Radii folks were patient, but it was clear that my ignorance wouldn’t suffice—both for Radii and for keeping up with the modern world.

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Why OmmWriter Works

Writing on a deadline can be a slippery slope. One minute you’re typing away as if there are dragons breathing on your fingertips, and the next you’re watching cat videos on YouTube, blissfully unaware of the hours passed—and there’s no return.

If you’ve ever faced down a blank word processor one late night in college, you know about writing. Writing doesn’t budge. Writing is a sneaky task that tends to creep up behind you and whisper in your ear that there’s nothing to worry about, that your deadlines loom at far away, harmless distance. It’s the sort of task that can be hard to grasp your fingers around and know with absolute certainty that it won’t unexpectedly morph into an unsatisfactory form as it taunts and daunts and haunts us. Even the most skilled must wield a sharp eye and a quick whip to not let writing get the best of them. Alas, when those of us charged with the task of producing readable content run low on caffeine and high on distractions, we must rely on a sturdy selection of tools to pull us through the mist.

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