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 Monthly: July 2014
Your (Mostly) Tech News of the Week

Quick links to start your week off right!


Stop What You’re Doing and Explore Mars Right Now

The History of Photo Sharing (Infographic)

New Record Set: 13 Game Consoles Played in 60 Seconds

Book Cut Sculpture

HTML5 Toronto Developer Test

Cost of Technology Over the Decades (Infographic)

Plugin to Watch Videos Simply

YouTube Time Interactive Infographic 



That’s it!  Now, before you get back to work, have you heard of any excellent news lately?








Irresistible February Wallpapers

February’s just around the corner, so we’ve compiled our favourite most-enticing wallpapers to welcome in the month with the download links. Plus, we’ve added in the ones adorning our own screens–see if you can guess which belongs to whom!

Wallpaper source

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Radii Spotlight: Photography from Danielle

Danielle Pronio, a designer here at Radii, grew up in a photography-focused family.  Running a family business, her parents offer wedding photography services–so Danielle came to Radii with a a trained eye and a strong background in visual art.  While she chose to pursue graphic arts instead, she still lends a hand to photography when something in particular catches her eye.  Here she shares a variety of her captures.

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